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Dhaba Style Chicken Curry

This recipe is going to win your heart with its taste and the perfect glossy texture. This recipe replicates the taste and flavour of the chicken curry made in a local dhaba, and you will certainly fall in love with it! Packed with a lot of spices and butter, this recipe is going to be a flavour bomb for your palate. Table of Content What is Dhaba style Chicken Curry ? Quick and Easy Dhaba style Chicken Curry How to make Dhaba style Chicken Curry? Expert Tips Recipe Card What is Dhaba style Chicken Curry ? Chicken Curry is something that has a lot of variations, specifically in our country. However, we can say with confidence that the basic chicken...

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Hariyali Mutton

Hariyali mutton sounds like a healthy twist on your classic mutton curry. Can't say about the healthy factor, but it surely looks and plays a part. This quirky recipe is different from your usual mutton curry, but surely is an interesting take on it that would attract the eyes and the palate of anyone who sees it. Table of Content What is Hariyali Mutton? Quick and Easy Hariyali Mutton How to make Hariyali Mutton? Expert Tips Recipe Card What is Hariyali Mutton ? ​​Hariyali mutton is a mutton curry, cooked the classic Indian way, but with the addition of the hariyali flavour that many of us are familiar with. The most common thing we associate this flavouring with is the...

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Chocolate chip and Sea Salt Brownie

A chocolaty, fudgy, sweet and salty brownie recipe, how good does that sound? This brownie recipe is ready in just 25 minutes; try it out and let us know how good it was. Table of Content What is a Brownie? Quick and Easy Chocolate Chip Brownie How to make Chocolate Chip and Sea Salt Brownie? Expert Tips Recipe Card What is a Brownie ? ​​Brownies were created in the United States, during the 19th century but they were only popularised in the beginning of the 20th century all over the world. Brownies are a chocolate confection usually made in a square pan. Brownies are a relatively easier bakery product when compared to other items. They come in many variations, a...

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Grilled Chicken Burger

This recipe is a full proof method to prepare the perfect burger at home that you have always wanted. Made out of chicken, flavoured as per your liking, this burger recipe is easy to make, tastes heavenly and gets ready in just 15 minutes Table of Content What is a Grilled Chicken Burger? Quick and Easy Grilled Chicken Burger How to make a Grilled Chicken Burger? Expert Tips Recipe Card What is a Grilled Chicken Burger ? ​​A grilled chicken burger can be made with varied items. It can be made by either simply grilling a boneless chicken breast or a chicken thigh, or it can alternatively be made using a patty formed minced chicken. The mince is flavoured with...

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Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Want to try a new cake recipe, but can’t decide on something? This pineapple cake recipe has your name written on it. A fluffy and buttery cake, with the addition of some sweet and rich caramelised pineapple and cherries, this cake is everything nice and incredible. Table of Content What is an Upside Down Cake? Quick and Easy Pineapple Upside Down Cake /span> How to make Pineapple Upside Down Cake ? Expert Tips Recipe Card What is an Upside Down Cake ? ​​The pineapple upside down cake was popularised in the USA by a company called Dole. In 1920 the company organised a pineapple recipe competition and received over 2500 recipes of an upside down pineapple cake. The company went...

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